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Dear friends of amplitude-modulated radio-frequency,

our German radio stations with long-, medium-, and short-wave range have been switched off, even worse, largely destroyed.

DAB+ is the order of the day, whether we like it or not. During the day, the medium wave is no longer a radio band, but only a frequency range for broadband interference. Now there are a few Davids against Goliath, who operate small transmitters in Germany with special permission, so that at least in their closer distance also older, functionable radio sets can be used.

In addition, AM transmitters on the LMS bands provide people interested in radio technology with an easy introduction to the subject of “radio”, both in terms of technical understanding and the chance of success with self-built equipment.

The website has set itself the task of providing information about all German long-, medium-, and short-wave stations currently operation.

We need your support!

Do you know a station which is not listed here yet? Do you have pictures or additional information about stations we already have on the website?

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With the best regards
Ralph Oppelt (DL2NDO), Jan Welker (DO8DX) and Lisa Schürmann

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